Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to Make Wiggles a Cheerio Costume

So, did you know that you cannot make a donut shaped pillow without some serious hand sewing? Or by letting things go and not being a perfectionist, which I am N-O-T. Well, it was a long journey towards Halloween stardom, but we made it. And should any of you (hmmm...this implies there are people reading this...) like to make your little into a breakfast cereal, here is the tutorial! That's right, I'm doing my very first tutorial. Be proud.

And with that, off we go!


Cheerio-looking fabric aprox. 3/4 yard (I found some in my stash, no purchas necessary yay!)
Brown paper bag (for a pattern).
good sharp scissors
Batting (I cheated and used the stuffing from an old $3.00 pillow from walmart)
White thread
Sewing machine (sorry to state the obvious, but you never know)

Step 1: Measuring the Little to be Costumed

Measure your little from collar to belt-line. This is the diameter of your cheerio. Wiggles was 9". Next, measure from the nipple-line to the top of your little's sholder and double it for the strap length. Wiggles was about 9 inches there as well.

Step 2: Making the Pattern

Cut open your brown paper bag and put a dot in the middle. This is going to be the middle of your cheerio. Measure 4.5" (1/2 of my 9" diameter. The "radius" if you remember your 3rd grade math) out from the dot about every 2 inches or so. Then scetch in the circle. make a smaller circle in the middle the same way. My Diameter for the small circle was 3" (making the radius 1.5"). 

Next you will need to measure the strap pattern. (my pattern was 9"x2.5") 

...and the tie pattern (mine was 1.5"x10").

Step 3: Cutting the Mess of Pieces Out.

You will need:
4 cheerios
4 straps
8 ties
See? Cheerio! I know, stupid phone pictures!
Some one tell Santa I would love a good camera that
takes decent pictures for Christmas. I've been good, I promise!
Strap and ties
Step 4: The Sewing of the Beast, I mean Adorable Cheerio.

Remember: Wrong sides together!

Start with the straps. You only need to sew the two long sides as it will be neatly (ha) tucked into the cheerio part. Turn it right side in. Iron press or be lazy like me and finger crease (much like a piece of paper).
See me sewing wrong sides together? Good job me.

Turned and ready!

Finger pressed. Ooh Ahh!
 Next sew the ties. You will need to sew these on three sides. Turn right side out. I had to use a pencil to get them to turn right.
Put the closed end onto the pencil and shimmy it down until it's turned right side out.
I sewed a line down the middle so the wouldn't roll funny.

So hears where it gets confusing. You will have to lay out the two straps and two of the four ties like mine below EXCEPT (!!!) I did it funny and I forgot to take a new picture. The straps need to match the outside of the circle, NOT parallel as shown below! Beware! 

When you have layed out your straps and ties place the second circle on top of the ties and straps. Remember, wrong sides together. Sew around the outside of the circle LEAVEING A 2-3 INCH GAP AT IN THE SEAM! (sorry for the yelling, it's just really really important).

When you are done with this seam turn it trough the 2-3 inch hole

The mess. Don't worry, not so bad.

Now switch your machine from the straight stitch to the zigzag stitch. and go around the inside circle as close to the edge as possible. Here is where a perfectionist might have hand stitched around the  inside circle. As I mentioned before, this does not apply to me.

See the zigzag? Don't forget to switch your machine back to straight for the next part.

Ok, Now you're going to do the same this for the other side. Lay cheerio 3 right side up on the table. place ties on the outside edge and put the other end of the straps on the outside edge. The trick part is that the entire costume must be inside the two layers to make this work. Sandwich the whole thing in cheerio cut-out number 4. it should look like a big puffy circle. CAREFULLY sew around the outside taking care not to catch any of the costume inside the circle. I used a TON of pins. Don't be shy.

Step 5: The Stuffing Part

now fluff your batting and stuff it in! Fill it fuller than you think as it will squish down as your little wears it. Do this to both sides.
That it the bottom corner is the stinky walmart pillow I used. Don't judge.

Step 6: The Unavoidable Hand stitching (sorry guys, there's no way around this).

You now must get out a needle and thread. I know, I know, it's slow, but as stated, there really isn't a better way to do it. Plus, lets be honest, it doesn't take that long.

All you have to do is whip stitch it closed. If you don't know what that means, youtube is a beautiful thing. Seriously. I could try to describe it, but it's so much better to see it.

Yes, yes, I actually did this by hand. You can make it too! I promise!

Step 7: The Admiration

Stand back and marvel about how cute it its! Then go show your husband, who will also tell you how wonderful it is (he will not however say it is cute, not a manly enough word, don't expect it).

Voila! It is finished!
Thanks brother-in-law for holding it for the picture.

Now all you have to do it fill it with an adorable little, which I just happen to have! See? I also put her in a white turtleneck and white pajama pants and added a spoon for good measure.

Wiggles and Daddy excited for trick-or-treating! It was Daddy's first time too!
So there it is. My first tutorial. Enjoy!

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